iPhone X Manual User Guide

iPhone X Manual

Two weeks ago, on the 12th of September, the famous Cupertino-based company presented the pinnacle of its technological developments, iPhone X. Now, after the hype has calmed down a bit, it’s time to deliver a review as comprehensive as the new iPhone’s manual. The jubilee model solemnizes 10 years since the release of the original iPhone, celebrating it with a range of innovative features. iPhone X sports the most high-performance hardware in the world of mobile devices, Face ID, and a frontal camera capable of portrait shots. Curious what other features iPhone X has on board? Read on to find out more.

iPhone X Manual User Guide

iPhone X: All Details About The Main 2017 Smartphone

iPhone X: Design

Apple hasn’t made drastic changes to the design of its smartphones since iPhone 4. Thus, iPhone X is a breakthrough in this regard. Its appearance corresponds to the spirit of the present times and the latest trends. iPhone 10’s bezel-free body consists of Gorilla Glass 5 with a surgical steel frame. Until the official iPhone X presentation, the awkward prototype design of the double camera module was ridiculed. However, in the unveiled iPhone 10 model, it looks very decent. Questionable is only the black rectangular in the top corner of the screen, which hosts various sensors and the front camera.

Worth noting is the following interesting design decision: there isn’t an iPhone X with a white front panel. Regardless of the body color, the front panel is always black. The design has been positively influenced by the lack of manual Touch ID. However, we’re still to find out whether Face ID will be a convenient replacement for the manual feature.

iPhone X: Display

In comparison with the previous iPhone models, the display size is monstrous. Apple’s fans will finally enjoy a truly huge 5.8” display with an amazing resolution: 1125х2436, 463 ppi. It’s built into a relatively small iPhone, occupying 81.4% of the front surface. In Apple’s smartphone range, iPhone X is the first model to boast of an OLED matrix. Made from Gorilla Glass 5, the iPhone’s display supports HDR10 and 3D Touch. From the technological point of view, it’s the successor of the latest-generation iPad Pro’s screen. No doubt it’s going to be one of the best displays available in the market!

iPhone X: Specs

Screen: 5.8-inch OLED display with 2560 x 1440 pixels
CPU: Apple A11
Memory: 4 GB RAM | 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB of internal memory
Camera: 16-megapixel dual camera and 8-megapixel front camera
OS: iOS 11

iPhone X: Technical Features

Let’s review the main technical features from the iPhone X manual as a list of bullet points.

The chipset Apple A11 Bionic performs 30% better than the previous generation. The 10 nm process allowed fitting it with over 4 billion transistors.
The chipset has six 2.4 GHz cores: four energy-efficient Mistrals and two high-performance Monsoons;
A specific graphics processing unit was developed for iPhone X: the 3-core Apple GPU built by the 10 nm process. Little manual-type information is available about this development.
The modest 3 GB amount of LPDDR4 RAM won’t cause any glitches, as the new iOS 11 is extremely efficient.
The built-in memory comes in two variants: 64 GB and 256 GB. Traditionally, memory expansion isn’t available.

iPhone X: Worldwide Prices

When the sales of iPhone X begin, a resident of the United States will have to lash out as much as $999 to become the owner of the standard, 64 GB version of the much-awaited device. The 256 GB one is $1,149. That’s a pretty tidy sum, but no one is surprised the futuristic smartphone comes at a futuristic price.

The worldwide pricing of iPhone X varies, depending on local taxes and the exchange rate between the national currency and USD. According to Apple’s website, the international prices for the 64 GB iPhone are up to 45% higher than the American price.

Although Canada borders on the USA, its residents will have to pay $83 more than Americans. Chinese fans of iPhone will buy the newcomer device at $1,285. Residents of Ireland and Italy will suffer from the highest prices: $1,410 and $1,423, respectively.

iPhone X: Manual & User Guide

In about a month, on November 3rd, iPhone X will officially hit the stores of the USA and several dozen other countries. The pre-ordering option for iPhone 10 is to become available even sooner, on October 27. This means it’s high time to get familiar with iPhone X user’s guide and manual. The innovative iPhone is delivered with a range of new options, coping with which you might need some help. The user’s guides and manuals include:

  • a guide to setting up your iPhone 10 in accordance with your needs after the purchase;
  • a guide to getting started;
  • a guide to personalizing the interface and other options of your iPhone X;
  • a guide to enhancing the security of iPhone X using face recognition;
  • a guide to creating your own Animoji, and many more guides!

The official website support.apple.com is where you should look for printable manuals for iPhone X (or any other Apple’s product). The user’s guide will teach you how to enjoy all the opportunities iPhone X and the latest iOS version offer. Besides, Apple’s website will give you all the standard safety, warranty, and regulatory info, in case you lose the printed versions that come in the box with your iPhone X.

iPhone X Manual Pdf

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