A new app turns any Android smartphone into an iPhone X

This year has seen the releases of numerous smartphones distinguished by the bezel-free design. Among their vast range, worth noting are iPhone X and Essential Phone. Both devices have a distinctive, easily recognizable appearance thanks to the cutout in the upper part of the screen, which is intended for the ear speaker, the front camera, and other sensors. If you’re curious to see how such a design decision would look on your own device, the new app circulated under the name Smartphone Upgrader 2017 is what can make your wish come true. It rounds up the display corners and recreates the cutout in the upper part, making the device resemble an iPhone X or an Essential Phone.

IPhone X Mode Essential Phone Mode

If you go to the application settings, you’ll find several options for adjusting the roundness of the display and the size of the cutout in the upper part. The black areas will be displayed on top of all other applications, for which the application needs the user’s permission. With that, the icons in the notification area.

For the most authentic effect, it’s recommendable to use the application on devices that feature an AMOLED display and a black front panel.

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