Apple’s representatives explain how Face ID works

One of the most frequently disputed features of the jubilee iPhone X is the completely new system of facial scanning known as Face ID. It was introduced as a replacement for the old and familiar scanner of fingerprints, Touch ID. Many potential users of the newcomer device inquire how exactly the face scanning is done, whether it’s a really secure ID method, and whether it will create no inconveniences in everyday use. Apple decided to provide comprehensive answers to all the frequently asked questions in the six-page technical document that describes the work of Face ID in great detail.

Apple's representatives explain how Face ID works

Speaking in layman terms, Face ID scans the owner’s face during each unlocking and saves any changes. That’s why it won’t hamper the facial recognition process if you get a new hairstyle, grow a beard and mustache, or apply makeup.

According to the company’s representatives, no one can unlock an iPhone X using a photograph of its owner, as Face ID scans a 3D model of the face. It’s not possible to trick the lock when the person is asleep, as the user has to look directly at the device during the unblocking. Click on the link below to learn more about how Face ID works.