Do you really need Apple-made accessories for fast charging of the new iPhones?

Representatives of the 9to5Mac resource decided to find out whether you really need the Apple-made power adapter and cable to quickly charge the new iPhone 8/8+/X, or whether accessories made by third-party manufacturers also suit this purpose. Worth recalling, all three smartphones are capable of fast charging. However, the charging devices they come with do not support this option. Apple offers the corresponding accessories for a price of $130.

According to the chart presented below, if you use the iPad charger (12 W) or the MacBook charger (29 W), the new iPhones indeed charge their batteries faster than via the standard adapter (5 W).

accessories for fast charging of the new iPhones

9to5Mac found out that an iPhone 8 replenishes its battery as fast as via the MacBook charger if you use third-party power adapters made by Aukey (29 W) and Anker (30 W). During a time span of 30 minutes, you can restore 50% of the battery capacity. For comparison, the standard adapter delivers 27% during the same time.

accessories for fast charging of the new iPhones

Thus, any power adapter of the appropriate power capacity is suitable for fast charging of the fresh iPhones. And, most importantly, third-party manufacturers offer such accessories at much lower prices than Apple.